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Switzerland supermarkets : Your super guide 2023


A full guide about all kinds of Switzerland supermarkets, budget grocery shopping in Switzerland, local markets, chain supermarkets, and even Asian markets in Switzerland.

If you have recently moved to Switzerland, it can be difficult to know which supermarkets to visit and how to buy food. To ensure you don’t feel hungry, here’s our guide to the most popular Swiss supermarkets and grocers.

Switzerland supermarkets

About Switzerland supermarkets

Whether you’ve recently arrived in Basel, Bern, or elsewhere in Switzerland, your local supermarket will most likely be one of the first places you visit. However, before you stroll down the aisles, you’ll probably notice that grocery shopping in Switzerland is a bit different than you’re accustomed to. But don’t let it concern you since there’s enough to satisfy your appetite as you explore the grocery store aisles.

If you want to avoid crowded supermarkets, there are a few alternative possibilities in Switzerland.

Some towns and cities have daily markets where you may purchase fresh items from local suppliers, such as dairy and meat products. If all of that seems like a lot of effort, you can always sign up for a meal kit delivery service.

These fresh ingredients and recipes will be delivered to your house. And what if you don’t like cooking for yourself? All around Switzerland, there are lots of great restaurants and several operational delivery services.

Grocery shopping in Switzerland

Swiss supermarkets come in diverse forms and sizes. From massive American-style supermarkets on the outskirts of town to large department shops in the suburbs to little grocery stores in the city center. As a result, when it comes to shopping, you have a plethora of possibilities. However, it is critical to understand where to go for all of your shopping requirements. Basically, all Swiss supermarkets carry a large variety of items, including, as one would imagine, a lot of dairy.

Smaller stores may be found in more metropolitan locations if you reside in the heart of a large city such as Zurich, Geneva, or Basel. These sell all of the food and beverages you’ll need, but not much else. Meanwhile, bigger stores in suburban regions carry a broader variety and range of non-food products. Hypermarkets are readily accessible by automobile on the outskirts of towns, and there is generally some public transit. Everything from bread and fruits to home devices and clothing may be sold.

Purchasing food in Switzerland is not inexpensive, as one would anticipate. In reality, ordinary commodities in Swiss supermarkets are substantially more expensive than in other European nations. As a result, many border residents go to neighboring nations to complete their weekly shopping.

Most famous Switzerland supermarkets

Switzerland is home to a variety of grocery chains. While the majority are distributed across the country, there are notable differences in the cantons. You may not have a complete selection of supermarkets in your neighborhood, but you should be able to meet your requirements. Among the major Swiss supermarket chains are:

Migros Switzerland supermarket

Migros is the most famous supermarket chain in Switzerland. This store includes everything you can need or think of goods and food. Migros Supermarket follows a nice policy not to sell cigarettes, spirits and alcohol in order to preserve the health of customers and the general health of individuals in the country 

The supermarket opens its doors at eight in the morning Swiss time and the supermarket closes at eleven thirty at night.

The biggest Swiss grocery company has over 600 stores throughout the nation. Migros is a cooperative with over 2 million Swiss inhabitants. It is regarded as one of the most well-known Swiss supermarkets and food shops.

Coop Switzerland Market

Coop, another swiss, has over a thousand shops. The prices are normally a bit more than at Migros, however unlike its major rivals, it sells more luxurious products.

Denner Switzerland Market

The third-largest Swiss supermarket has locations around the nation. Denner Stores, while being owned by Migros, sell a variety of items in addition to fairly cost food.

SPAR Switzerland Grocery Store

It is a grocery store and supermarket characterized by the presence of fresh and healthy rural products that arrive every day at the supermarket directly from the village farmers to reach the hand of customers who are interested in these fresh products directly.

But due to the availability of this feature, the goods in this supermarket are more expensive than others. 

The most popular supermarket and grocer in Switzerland The Dutch merchant has a network of tiny stores all around Switzerland. The items are usually available in rural regions and city centers, and they may be a bit more costly.

Volg Switzerland market

Volg is Switzerland’s fourth biggest retailer. Throughout German and French-speaking Switzerland, shops may be found in rural towns and villages.

Discount supermarket chains in Switzerland

Switzerland, like other European nations, has a variety of inexpensive supermarkets. These establishments provide a no-frills shopping experience, with lower-cost foods but fewer alternatives. Switzerland’s major discount retailers include:

Lidl Switzerland

Lidl is a grocery chain in Europe. It is well-known for its low prices, which are generally 10% lower than those of other supermarkets in the area.

Lidl Switzerland provides a diverse variety of consumer items, the most notable of which are as follows:

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Poultry, meat, and fish
  • Legumes
  • White goods
  • Dairy products
  • Foods for breakfast
  • Sweets \Drinks
  • Toys for Children
  • Cleaning products
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Mobile phones
  • Household, life and entertainment items

Aldi Switzerland

Aldi Suisse, the local name for German discount supermarket Aldi, has more than 200 locations in Switzerland, making it the country’s biggest cheap food chain.

  • stores in the country, making it the largest discount grocery chain in Switzerland.

Swiss organic supermarket

Looking for something that your local grocer does not carry? Whether you’re searching for the newest superfood, the greatest local organic veggies, or something a bit more exciting, Switzerland has lots of possibilities. These are some of Switzerland’s speciality supermarkets:

  • Manor : Check out the food store at the Manor supermarket chain if you want to take your grocery shopping to the next level. You may expect to spend extra for luxury items and high-quality things.
  • Globus : Another of the most elegant Swiss supermarkets and grocery retailers, this is the supermarket from Globus department store, which provides high-quality delicatessen and offers home delivery for all of your party requirements.
  • Alnatura : Another of the most elegant Swiss supermarkets and grocery retailers, this is the supermarket from Globus department store, which provides high-quality delicatessen and offers home delivery for all of your party requirements.

What are the opening hours of supermarkets in Switzerland

When compared to other European nations, the opening hours of Swiss stores are quite conservative. For example, there are no 24-hour hypermarkets here, and your choices in the nights and on weekends are severely restricted. Most shops open at 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. and shut at 18:00 or 19:00 p.m. Some of the major downtown retailers and outlets may stay open later, but just for an hour or two. Some supermarkets in remote regions may shut at midday. However, operating hours vary widely across chains and locales, so call ahead to prevent arriving at a closed store.

Except for the infrequent Sunday in the run-up to Christmas, Swiss supermarkets are normally closed on Sundays. If you need goods right away, you should be able to locate some tiny open businesses. These are often seen at petrol stations or public transit hubs. These establishments, however, may be far more costly than the already pricey Swiss supermarkets. So, on Sunday, you may want to prepare ahead or treat yourself to a lunch out or home delivery.

Things you need to know about Swiss supermarkets

If you are new to Switzerland, here are a few things you should know before you start shopping:

  • Bring some coins: If you want to make a large purchase, you will most likely need a shopping cart. Bring some 1 or 2 Swiss franc coins as a deposit if you do. You’ll be able to receive it back after you’ve finished the cart and returned it.
  • Locals carry their own reusable shopping bags, like they do in many other European nations. If you forget, you should be able to purchase certain items from the shop, but you will have to pay for them.
  • Keep an eye on these hours: Swiss supermarkets shut sooner than expected and are closed on Sundays. So, prepare ahead of time to prevent becoming hungry, or go to the convenience shops at railway stations and petrol stations, which are open longer.
  • Look for Price Ranges: Swiss foodstuffs are exorbitant, and there’s no getting around it. However, the larger chains have their own price ranges that might save you money in the long term.
  • No painkillers or other important drugs: Painkillers and other critical medicines are not available on the shelves of Swiss stores. Instead, you’ll need to locate your local drugstore.

Best food delivery service in Switzerland

If you are unable to attend your local grocery shop or just prefer to have your food purchases delivered to your house, Switzerland provides a variety of food delivery choices. To begin, most large chains provide delivery services, enabling you to order online and have your things delivered within the time frame you choose. Alternatively, your local supermarket may provide a collection service where you may pick up your goods at a predetermined time.

There are also more Swiss delivery alternatives. These include the increasingly popular food boxes, which include seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, and other items sourced directly from local suppliers. There are also Meal Recipe Boxes, which include fresh ingredients for dishes that you pick ahead of time. In Switzerland, meal kit providers include:

Fortunately, if spending an evening in the kitchen sounds like too much effort, there is no need to cook in Switzerland. In its major cities, the Alpine nation boasts a remarkable amount of food alternatives, ranging from local snack bars to gourmet dining. If you decide to remain, there are a few delivery platforms available around the nation, including the following:

You will be able to connect with your favorite fast food and restaurants in your neighborhood via these channels. Whether you’re eating with family or entertaining guests, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your meal.

Where to find foreign grocery stores in Switzerland

Switzerland has an incredibly diversified population for such a tiny nation. Because of this variety, it is now simpler than ever to locate ethnic supermarkets and grocery shops throughout the nation. The majority of them are clustered in large Swiss towns such as Zurich, Basel, and Geneva. Having said that, you could be surprised by the stores in Switzerland. These shops sell a broad variety of international foods, mainly those from the Middle East, asian store zurich, and Eastern Europe.

In general, you’ll find that these ethnic grocers are far less expensive than typical Swiss supermarkets for some things. Herbs, spices, certain dry foods, and other foreign components are among them.

In big cities, you’ll also find several outlets carrying British and American products. This might be useful if you miss anything from home; however, keep in mind that some shops can be extremely pricy.

You can find american food store zurich online from here.

Food shopping in Swiss markets

Do you want to get some fresh air while shopping for your weekly groceries? So, why not go to your local food market? If you reside in any of Switzerland’s main towns or cities, you will quickly get acquainted with the local markets. You can get anything from fresh fruit and meats to locally created jams and artisan chocolates here. Visiting these markets is an excellent way to live sustainably in Switzerland, and there is something beautiful about meandering around the Swiss marketplaces, taking in all the sights, sounds, and aromas.

The biggest and best markets can be found in the main cities of Switzerland, and visiting them can be a daily event. If you’re looking for some unforgettable food markets, check out the ever-popular Geneva Carouge Market or Zurich ‘s Helvetiaplatz Market. Both are served twice a week and are definitely not to be missed if you want to check out the best fresh food that Switzerland has to offer. For more local options, it is best to check the websites and forums where you live and see what you can find.

Specialty stores in Switzerland

The nicest thing about living in the heart of Europe, according to many expatriates in Switzerland, is all of the fantastic specialist boutiques that are gradually becoming a part of daily life. The finest selection of these businesses may be found in major towns and cities, but you’ll be shocked at the possibilities accessible to you no matter where you are. The names and variety of these local shops can vary depending on where you reside, but here are a few things to look for:

  • Bakery: Boulangerie / Bäckerei / panetteria
  • Butcher: BOUCHERIE / MEZZER / macelleria
  • Fishmonger: Poissonnerie / Fischhändler / pescheria

How to buy healthy foods in Switzerland

When it comes to diet, the Swiss are generally a health-conscious people. As a result, most supermarkets carry a reasonable range of fresh and organic vegetables, while specialty chains like Alnatura stock a far bigger assortment of these things. There are also other markets around the nation where you can stock up on fresh organic vegetables directly from the farmers. However, if you are searching for something more specialist, you should visit one of Switzerland’s numerous health food shops.

The bigger Swiss towns and cities, as one would imagine, have a broader assortment of health food outlets. These health goods include vitamins, alternative therapies, and a variety of other items. It is also a good location to acquire organic cosmetics and natural and organic meals for newborns and children. Among the Swiss health food retailers are:

However, when you begin to explore your new neighborhood, you will see that many of these health food businesses are individually owned. You can look out your local Swiss health food shop online.

Wholesale products from Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the best countries for luxury commodities, having wholesale marketplaces that combine high quality with low prices. Switzerland wholesale clothes is among the finest available.

Online shopping in Switzerland

Switzerland is well-known throughout Europe for producing high-quality items, which is why we’ve assembled a complete guide to purchasing online from Switzerland .

Buying clothes from Switzerland online

Switzerland is well-known for having both high-quality and low-cost clothing, and you can locate the greatest and cheapest clothes in Switzerland in our guide.

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