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Welcome to your world class shopping guide, where we intensively research for the greatest and most best products in all the globe so you don’t have to.

About Us

Shoponlina is a comprehensive guide of all online shopping sites around the world in all languages, as we strive to make it easy to access information about shopping online.

We, in Shoponlina, care about information, how many times have you searched in your native language for a shopping site in a foreign country in which you live or want to buy from and did not find what you are looking for? Simply, we are here to completely solve this problem.

Our main goal is to cover all means of online shopping in the world for a better buying online experince.


European countries are one of the top countries with online shopping websites, in Shoponlina, we cover the whole European continent with comprehensive articles regarding shopping in Europe for everything, from electronics to clothes, groceries, and even food delivery.

Europe map


Asia, the world factory, where you can find everything you dream about buying, from exotic and different products to cheap brands and newest technologies.

Asia map


Whether it’s north or South America, Shoponlina got you covered, with comprehensive and extensively researched guides, you can have a smooth American shopping experience.

America map


With the very first growing economy Africa has a lot to offer, from north to south, east to west we went through all of Africa to get you the best shopping guides.

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