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Top 10 Most popular online stores in Mexico 2022

Mexico is a country that attracts a lot of people’s interest. If you’re one of these people, you’ll want to learn about the most popular online stores in Mexico.

Despite millions of users, Mexico’s internet and e-commerce market is relatively young. Mexico’s 88 million internet users constitute just 67% of its 131 million population. Mexico is a middle-income country where people are habituated to online shopping and business.

Most popular online stores in Mexico

Why shop online in Mexico?

Mexico’s online shopping market has been growing rapidly because of the widespread use of smartphones to access the web and buy products and services.

As Mexico’s economy continues to mature and grow, competition among companies has become increasingly intense.

With some opportunity for expansion but limited potential, local and foreign businesses are competing to steal each other’s share and position themselves to capture the remaining online customers.

Though classic department shops from the United States have established a big place in the e-commerce business, non-American department stores, like Mercado Libre de Mexico (originally from Argentina), have managed to become solid competitors through market maturation, surpassing Amazon.

Amazon continues to remain one of the largest rivals, although the Mexican eCommerce sector seems to be dominated by traditional retailers, with Walmart Mexico and Coppel following these two leaders, followed closely by a number of other specialist and generalist retailers.

Amazon Mexico

Amazon began as an online bookstore in the United States in 1994 before expanding into a variety of other categories, including media, electronics, fashion, furniture, food, and even jewellery.

Amazon is now the number one online retailer in the U.S., and it has also expanded its business into physical stores with the purchase of Whole Foods Market, and into book publishing, electronic devices, cloud computing, streaming media, and film production.

Amazon has also expanded into many countries, including Mexico.

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Mercado Libre Mexico

MercadoLibreMexico, an online shopping site founded by Argentinean electronic payments company Mercado Libre, has beaten U.S. giants in Mexican online retailing.

The Mercado Libre marketplace lets individuals and companies sell a wide range of goods, including everything from electronics and home appliances to cars and accessories, fashion, toys and furniture, and even real estate, in multiple Latin American countries, reaching more than 170 million customers.

It’s also notable for being the leader in Brazilian e-commerce with the largest user base in the region.

Walmart Mexico

With hypermarket chains, department store chains, and supermarket chains all under its umbrella, WalMart is the largest retailer in the world.

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, has a subsidiary in Mexico, Walmart de Mexico, better known as Walmex, one of the country’s major corporations.

From food to electronics, from fashion to pharmacy, from home goods to automobile parts are all available at the company’s online store.


Estimated number of monthly visitors:23.21 million

The first Mexican-founded brandon our list, Coppel is a department store chainthat first opened its doors in Mexico City in 1941. Today, it operates throughbrick and mortar stores, as wellexpanding into ecommerce, and offers a wide range ofgoods from prominent brands across categories suchas electronics, home and furniture, fashion,automotive, sportswear, and travel.

Coppel today is a megastore,both online and in-store. Its expansive inventoryincludes products from major global brands such asthe Apple Store, Target,and


Liverpool Limited, the retail division of Liverpool, operates a number of stores in Mexico.

Liverpool is a Mexican retail company that owns and operates over 350 department stores throughout Mexico. Founded in 1953, it is owned and operated by El Puerto De Liverpool SAB de CV, a holding company based in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Owning and operating over 350 stores, Liverpool competes directly against the likes of Wal-Mart and Target in Mexico. However, unlike those retailers, Liverpool offers a wide variety of goods, ranging from clothing to electronics to furniture, as well as travel packages and even wine.

The retailer’s online presence is also quite extensive, offering customers a large selection of products in categories, including baby supplies, beauty, cleaning, cooking, crafts, cosmetics, health & wellness, jewelry, sports equipment, toys, video games, watches, and more.

Sears Mexico

Grupo Carso owns and operates the Sears department store network in Mexico.

Despite its challenges in the U.S., Sears has more than 75 stores throughout Mexico.

Sears offers a wide range of products, including apparel and accessories, home appliances and furnishings, cosmetics, tools, and electronics, all of which may be purchased online.

Sam’s Club Mexico

Sam’s West, an affiliate of Walmart, operates the Sam’s Clubs retail warehouse club chains in the United States.

In addition to electronics and home appliances, Sam’s Club also sells furniture, food, and personal care items to its members.

It also has an e-commerce platform where it sells its items online, and this has given it a significant portion of the Mexican market.

Ticketmaster Mexico

Ticketmaster is a U.S.-based corporation that specializes in the purchase and distribution of tickets.

Ticketmaster began selling concert and event tickets over the counter when it was first established in 1976.

Live Nation’s acquisition of Ticketmaster gave Ticketmaster the resources it needed to continue growing and stage shows in more than 50 countries across the world.

The company has also expanded its online presence in numerous countries, including Mexico, where it is now a major online supplier of concert, sports, and other event tickets.

Best Buy Mexico

Best Buy operates in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and mainland China through its subsidiary, Best Buy International Inc.

Best Buy has launched an online store for Mexican consumers to buy their electronics and appliances.

Home Depot Mexico

Home Depot is the biggest hardware and home improvements chain in the US, operating stores in Canada, Mexico, and South America.

In addition to tools and construction materials, Home Depot sells furniture, outdoor and indoor sports equipment, and lawn and garden supplies, as well as the services that go along with it.

What is Mercado Libre?

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 127.64 million Mercado Libre is a marketplace created by the Argentinian e-commerce and electronic payments company of the same name.

What are the opportunities for Mexican e-commerce?

Mexico could benefit from its own version of Amazon Go, which would allow people to shop without having to wait for their items to be scanned by a cashier.

What are the top e-commerce brands in Mexico?

To take advantage of Mexico’s growing online shopping market, the U.S. online retail giants are dominating the Mexican market.

What are the trends?

There is certainly room for Mexican companies, but as the appetite for online shopping grows stronger, so too does the chance for more e-commerce companies to get into the game.

What is Amazon’s presence in Mexico?

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 63.76 million The highest-ranking of the US e-commerce brands, Amazon started in the US in the 90s and didn’t take long to expand its presence across the border to become an e-commerce super-power in the Mexican online sector.

What products are sold on Amazon Mexico?

With its huge selection of products from almost every category imaginable, Amazon Mexico customers tend to use the site most for electronic devices and computers, followed by software and video games.

What is Coppel?

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 23.21 million The first Mexican-founded brand on our list, Coppel, is a department store chain that first opened its doors in the country in 1941.

What are the key factors behind Coppel’s success?

Operating through brick and mortars, as well as online (including Amazon), Coppel has upwards of 20 locations throughout Mexico and a fierce rivalry against its U.S. counterparts.

What is Walmart’s business in Mexico?

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 27.66 million Walmart is not only the largest retail organization in the world, but it is also the biggest online department store in Mexico, operating in the country since 1993 as Walmart de Mexico with various bricks and mortar stores across the country.