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Online Shopping in Switzerland: A Complete Guide

Online shopping in Switzerland is often preferred to purchase high-quality products at discounted prices.

We have prepared this article so that you can easily buy Swiss-specific products such as watches, cheese, and any other category you can think of online. Enjoyable reading.

Online Shopping in Switzerland Online Shopping in Switzerland

About Online Shopping in Switzerland

E-commerce is booming in Switzerland. The market is constantly changing and new traders appear regularly. Trade is also improving due to increasing consumer demand.

Switzerland achieved sales of US$12 billion as a result of its e-commerce industry, ranking 20th in the world after Turkey and ahead of Sweden. Online shopping in Switzerland The Swiss market is expected to grow by 29 percent.

Advantages of Online Shopping Sites in Switzerland

When it comes to online shopping, Switzerland has a number of advantages, some of which are as follows:

  • Buying high-quality luxury Swiss products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Unique products sold only in Switzerland
  • Great discounts

Disadvantages of Online Shopping Sites in Switzerland

Swiss online shopping has many advantages, but it also has some problems, especially for international customers.

  • Some websites only ship to Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
  • The user interface is in German on most sites.
  • In some rare cases, shipping may be delayed during the holiday season.

Best Online Shopping Sites in Switzerland



Zalando is Switzerland’s top online clothing store.

Zalando Switzerland sells to consumers nationwide through its website. Almost all of E-Commerce net sales consist of products manufactured in Switzerland.

Zalando.ch generates the majority of its e-commerce net sales in the “Fashion” category, which is a reflection of the wide range of products available.

Additionally, products from the “Toys, Hobbies and DIY” category are available on Zalando Switzerland.


Digitec.ch is a national online store focusing on sales in Switzerland. Digitec is the best electronics online store in Switzerland.

The majority of Digitec e-Commerce’s online sales come from Switzerland. Most of the sales on digitec.ch are from the category called “Electronics & Media,” which is the category with the most products available on the website.


Amazon Germany

Amazon is one of the top 3 online shopping sites in Switzerland.

People in Switzerland can buy directly from Amazon Germany .

Amazon offers millions of products with shipping to Germany and Switzerland.


Brack.ch provides high quality online shopping services in many categories.

The company serves individual, corporate and institutional customers. Customers love fast delivery, personal pre- and post-purchase assistance, and choosing from more than 200,000 products accessible from the company’s own warehouse.


Migros is one of the best online shopping supermarkets in Switzerland selling:

  • special nutrition
  • fruit vegetables
  • meat-fish
  • Dairy products, eggs and fresh ready meals
  • Bread and pastries
  • sweet foods
  • salty food
  • frozen products
  • Beverages, coffee and tea

Other websites :

  • Gamestop.ch (Books, Movies, Music and Games)
  • Microspot.ch (electronic online store in Switzerland)
  • Galaxus (electronic online store in Switzerland)
  • Coop (online supermarket in Switzerland)
  • Zur Rose (online pharmacy in Switzerland)

Online Shopping Delivery in Switzerland

Die Post is the most frequently used delivery service provider in Switzerland.

DPD and DHL are among the top three delivery service providers used by online sellers in Switzerland.

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