Best 11 Online Shopping Sites in Austria

Austria online shopping sites

Online shopping sites in Austria are places where you can buy all the products you want cheaper.

Personalized service and reasonable pricing are guaranteed for online customers in Austria, making online shopping more enjoyable.

Online Shopping Sites in Austria

Advantages of Online Shopping Sites in Austria

Austria’s advantages when it comes to online shopping include:

  • Cheap and reasonable prices
  • Unique products and brands
  • Strong customer services

Disadvantages of Online Shopping Sites in Austria

  • shipping delay
  • Shopping sites that only serve German
  • Limited shipping to Austria and Germany on some websites

11 Best Online Shopping Sites in Austria

Amazon Germany

Amazon Germany Shopping Sites in Germany

When you want to shop from Amazon in Austria, you have to order from Amazon Germany. Amazon Germany is the leading player in the Austrian online shopping market.

Amazon Germany offers free shipping for premium customers in Austria, where millions of different products can be purchased.



Zalando started as an online shoe store in 2008 and has since expanded its product range by offering a wide range of fashion products.

Zalando focuses on clothing and shoes, but you can also buy cosmetics and accessories from the website.

Zalando doesn’t just offer new clothes. The website also sells second-hand men’s and women’s items at greatly discounted prices. Zalando thoroughly inspects second-hand clothing for quality and fashionability before selling it on the site.


Etsy is a platform that brings together sellers and buyers from all over the world. It appeals to people looking for unique and special products such as handmade soaps, jewelry, crystal accessories and rare antique items. Additionally, Etsy is known as a worldwide marketplace for vintage items.

On the Etsy website, you can find one-of-a-kind and stunning handcrafted items made by independent artists in their homes.


Shöpping is an Amazon alternative from Austria. Shöpping.at brings together the regional appeal and diversity of Austrian shopping on a single platform.

Shöpping.at only features Austrian sellers, which simplifies the shipping process.

Doing a little research on Shöpping.at gives you the chance to discover not only Austrian goods but also world-famous brands and products.

Austrian Post’s reliable, fast and carbon-neutral delivery service reliably delivers your parcels to your door.

Other Shopping Sites

  • eBay: The largest online marketplace for used items
  • Willhaben.at: Austrian eBay alternative.
  • Alibaba.com: Online marketplace where you can shop from China and Austria
  • Groupon.com: Known for its coupons, offers a variety of products.
  • reBuy.de: Online marketplace for refurbished electronics and media products.
  • REBELLE.com: Marketplace for buyers looking for luxury items.
  • Otto.de: The largest online marketplace in Germany and also operates in Austria.

Austria Online Shopping Delivery

Among online businesses in Austria, Österreichische Post is the most frequently offered shipping service.

Additionally, DHL and DPD are among the top three delivery service providers provided by Austrian online sellers, with rates of 30% and 15% respectively.

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