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Used cars online Canada .. Everything you need to know 2023

If you’re looking for used cars online in Canada for sale, you’ve made the right choice. Looking for a used car is like treasure hunting and on a budget! 

On a regular basis, people in Canada purchase and sell new and old autos, but many do not know where to hunt for the finest website, buy or sell their vehicles, or gain references and finish the process.

used cars online Canada

Prices of Used cars online Canada

Autotrader says that the price of both new and used cars in Canada hit new record highs in May. This means that buying a car in Canada is still an expensive thing to do.

Autotrader said that the average price of a new car in Canada reached $54,048 in May. This is a 17.3% increase from the same month last year and an increase of slightly more than 1% from April, which was the last time prices hit a record high.

In May, the average price of a used car was $37,984, which was up 36.4 % from May 2021 and almost 1% from May 2022.

The price hikes have been most noticeable for larger vehicles, like light-duty trucks, SUVs, and minivans. Akyurek said that even though prices are going up, there are signs that the market might be getting back to normal because the average price of cars is going down every month in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

The Canadian Black Book, which keeps track of vehicle prices, said that after 20 months of record growth, wholesale vehicle values have finally hit a “blip.” The company’s used vehicle retention index, which compares the price of a used car to the price of a new one, stayed the same in May after dropping in April.

Best used car buying sites Canada

Psstt! Yes, you.. We scoured the internet and brought you the best online car buying sites in Canada


Carpages is an online car dealer in Canada. It has a huge database of new and also used cars that Canadians can use to pick the suitable car for them. It is a free tool to help you get in touch with the dealer who is selling the car you see on their website.

You can save cars you like on Carpages by using the bookmark feature. All of the data that the dealer selling the car has given is on the listing.


Autotrader is one of the best online car buying sites in Canada. Also, it’s among the best services for listing new and used cars in Canada. It makes online car buying in Canada easy for people to look for new and used cars. Autotrader was the first national online market for new and used cars in the US.

 It began in 1997. It is the best platform for used cars because it has a positive reputation, a large audience, and a lot of research tools.The free listing tool on a website gives users access to a huge number of cars, making it easy to narrow down their options.

They have a large search engine that lets you easily change the filters to find a car that fits your needs perfectly. Their pricing index is a great thing. You can use their pricing index to find out if a dealer or private seller is asking too much for a car.

There are more filters than just make, model, and year on the site. These filters let users pick almost any search parameters, such as gas mileage, exterior and interior shades, transmission type, technology, and much more.

Autotrader also gives people wanting to buy or sell cars a lot of information. There are full how-to guides, the latest car evaluations, research and news articles, car loans and funding calculators, and you can also apply for a loan and buy car insurance. We think it’s the best site to buy used cars in Canada.

But if you want to advertise on Autotrader, you will have to pay. The site fees $49 per listing, which involves up to 30 images, reports that show how many individuals have seen the ad, and simultaneous listings on Kelley Blue Book. After the first instalment, ads can be brought back every 30 days for free for up to a year.


Kijiji is an online platform where people can buy and sell cars without going through a dealership. This site gives you thumbnails with a lot of information so you can simply compare your alternatives side-by-side and skip search results you don’t want. When you want to buy used cars online in Canada, make sure to check Kijiji.

This will make it easier to find a used car that meets your particular needs. People who want a lot of information up front should compare cars for sale by owner. Watch out for fake sellers and unwanted ads on the website, which can make it hard to find what you’re looking for.

Moreover, Since Kijiji’s new app/tool, Kijiji Autos, came out, it has completely changed the Canadian car business. It uses what made Kijiji’s original business plan work well and adds new features that make it easy to find the right car.


Clutch is a well-known website where you can buy and finance cars without leaving your house. This online dealer brings the used car right to your door and tells you right away about any damage to the car.

Just know that this service comes with some service charges that other online dealers don’t charge, and you’ll have to spend for warranty coverage.


Autonet is another online auto sales in Canada. At Autonet, you can find out the average, high, and low sales value for thousands of cars. Know what other people are paying for the same car before you go to the dealer.

Canada Drivers

Canada Drives is a car dealer that lets people buy cars from their homes. It has risen in popularity in the past several years. This website for used cars lets you shop for and finance cars in a number of provinces. 

It also has a 7-day return policy and a 30-day warranty to guarantee you find the right car. You can purchase a car online with just a few mouse clicks. It will then be sent to your house within a few days.

The best option for those looking to buy a car online and have it delivered canada fast and a reasonable amount of free warranty coverage. You should also think about the fact that it can be more pricey than buying from a private seller and that you won’t be allowed to test drive the car before you buy it.

It’s available as an online auto sales ontario. Canada Drivers is also available in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan..


CarDoor is yet another online dealer in the Toronto Area that lets you buy cars from the comfort of your own home. This site has a money-back guarantee, an exchange programm, and a free warranty, among other things. 

The biggest problem is that you can’t get it anywhere but Toronto. If you could, it would be the best dealer in this category. Those in search of more comprehensive warranty coverage and top-notch customer service should opt for this option. 

There may not be much to choose from, and service will not be available outside of Toronto. CarDoor can also be used to sell car online in Ontario (specifically the Greater Toronto area).

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