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Top 10 shops like Hollister.. Your best guide 2022

Most people remember Hollister as the West Coast-inspired preppy mall store popular in the early 2000s. However, there are now many shops like Hollister that have more curated styles for your needs.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best clothing stores like Hollister that sell trendy, high-quality clothes at low prices. These brands are great alternatives to Hollister that you should look into.

shops like hollister

Top 10 shops like Hollister

Everyone as a teenager probably shopped at Hollister. They have definitely added more mature styles, but if you’re looking for shops like Hollister that have a more elegant feel, we’ve put together some great options for you to check out.

Lucky Brand

You can find cool, classy clothes and accessories at Lucky Brand. As far as brands like Hollister go, it’s a higher-end, higher-quality one with some exquisite, iconic pieces that you can wear throughout the entire year. They are famous for their denim and jeans, but they also have a good variety of dresses, tops, shoes, and accessories.

Denim from Lucky Brand is a blend of tradition and modernity. The company produces high-quality denim and vintage-style apparel, which they sell in stores around North America, certain discount stores, and on their website. Lucky Brand is run by a company called SPARC Group LLC.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch Co, founded in 1898, is one of the world’s leading specialty stores, and very similar to shops like Hollister. Abercrombie & Fitch has almost 730 stores in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. It also has an online store with five well-known brands.

They’re able to provide customers all over the world with high-quality, comfy items that also allow them to exhibit their own unique sense of style thanks to these brands. This store has a wide range of upscale casual clothes like Hollister for boys and girls ages 14 to 18. The firm now has customers in more than 100 different nations.

Urban Outfitters

When it comes to fashion and accessories, go no farther than Urban Outfitters, a worldwide leader. Urban Outfitters is from clothing brands like Hollister that sells more than just clothes and shoes. They also sell office equipment, skincare products, accessories, and sportswear. It’s also a home goods store. The wholesale segment of the corporation typically distributes its wares under a number of different private brands. 

Urban Outfitters is a leisure brand that sells clothes, accessories, and home goods for men, as well as a variety of other clothes. Hipsters and young adults looking to stay in trend shops at Urban Outfitters.

It’s not just vintage and tie-dye you can find at Urban Outfitters; there are also seasonal deals. Various classics crafted with repurposed materials, together with antiques and vintage treasures.

American Apparel

One of the other stores like Hollister is American Apparel. Clothes from American Apparel are modern yet retro in style. Their clothes feature a slight preppy vibe with a West Coast vibe, similar to those sold at shops like Hollister. You can buy clothes from them with confidence knowing that none of them were produced in a sweatshop. You can find fantastic clothing for special occasions, like going out, at this store.


Despite the fact that Aeropostale is neither cheap nor high-end, it is nonetheless a popular brand. Yes, they are considered “designer clothes,” but their prices are significantly lower than those at luxury boutiques.

Aéropostale is a mall-based retailer that offers casual apparel and accessories with an emphasis on young adults. Aeropostale does all of its own product development, sourcing, marketing, and sales. Licensed relationships allow Aéropostale to run approximately three hundred and fifty outlets internationally.

The first place you should look for everyday garments like dresses, tank shirts, and crop tops is Aeropostale. It has more formal wear as well as a wide selection of casual wear.


Unspun is an American label and one of the shops like Hollister that makes a denim world that cuts carbon emissions by 1% by using a process with no inventory and minimal waste. Its products can be made in any size you want, so you can always find the right fit.


Kelly Slater, a world champion surfer, started the sustainable company Outerknown with the goal of creating products that are both fashionable and good for the environment. This company is affiliated with the Fair Labor Association and has Bluesign certification. Discover the assortment from extra-small to double-extra-large.


PacSun, which is also called Pacific Sunwear, is an international store that sells lifestyle and casual clothes for teens and young adults. This online shopping platform has a massive collection of shoes, fashionable clothes, accessories, and things for the home.

PacSun has something for everyone. Their collection has designer clothes, stylish accessories, and a lot of other products for women that go well with them.

PacSun sells a lot of different clothes, like tops, dresses, sweatshirts, swimsuits, graphic t-shirts, and ripped or biker trousers. You can find a variety of accessories here, like bags, shoes, sunglasses, kitchen tools, and things you need to decorate your home. All of this may be yours without having to go into serious debt.

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge makes beautiful, on-trend clothes that are evolved sensible enough to wear to work but still fun and bold. Their clothes are a bit more funky than what you’d find at most shops like Hollister, but if you like Hollister, you’ll love Miss Selfridge. They are famous for their dresses, but you should also check out their shoes and other accessories.

American Eagle

American Eagle has a lot of fashionable clothes and accessories for men who desire to look stylish and young. You’ll find a lot of jeans, tops, jackets, and accessories, as well as a wide range of shoes.

The younger generation thinks of American Eagle as a must-have store. There are also sleek bohemian pieces that aren’t jeans or basic clothes. At American Eagle, you can find a lot of affordable pieces that will help you get the look you want.

Fashion fans think of American Eagle as a fun, cool, lively, and socially aware high-end brand. American Eagle has made a good name for itself by selling stylish clothes at reasonable prices. There are clothes, footwear, and accessories in their line of products. Apart from its competitors, American Eagle always makes trendy clothes that are of high quality.

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