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Second Hand Clothes Belgium… Your full guide 2022

As prices for everything rise globally, a lot of people choose to buy second hand clothes. If you are one of these people, you should absolutely read this full guide for second hand clothes shopping in Belgium!

Sitting in the middle of Germany, France, Netherlands, and the UK; Belgium is a neighbor to countries that are famous for their fashion.

Second Hand Clothes Belgium

About used clothes Belgium

Having a good first impression on people, whether it’s for a job interview, a party or just a casual get-together with friends, is important. Therefore, wearing fashionable clothes is desirable for many people. But a lot of people get demotivated after seeing the price tags on clothes. The best way to combat this problem, is to buy second hand clothes. For example, reusing old clothes does not only save you money, but also lets you contribute to creating a better environment! If you are someone who has to wear different clothes frequently, either work or for fashion, we suggest trying out some second hand clothes.

In order to help you achieve this, we put together this full guide for importing second hand clothes from Belgium.

The importance of second hand clothes online Belgium

Buying second hand clothes saves money: You can save quite an impressive amount of money by shopping for second hand clothes. Especially if you enjoy wearing clothes made by high quality brands, buying second hand clothes will save you a lot of money.

Extending the life of clothes: As you grow older, clothes that once fit your body or your style may start disappointing you. In such case, instead of throwing away perfectly good clothes, you can sell your clothes and let other people wear them. As a result your clothes will be used for longer.

Promoting sustainable fashion: Buying second hand clothes is one of the most important factors contributing to slow fashion. It helps you own a fashionable set of clothes that are also sustainable.

Second hand clothing is unique: Most clothes in second hand stores are unique. If you buy one you likely won’t find anyone else wearing something similar. Thanks to second hand clothing, you probably won’t get matched with anyone!

An eco-friendly lifestyle: As long as you buy second hand clothes, you will be contributing to an eco friendly market, since the resources for these type clothes have already been used. You won’t be paying for the use of substances that are harmful to the environment, such as polyester.

How to buy used clothes in Belgium

A company that specializes in second hand shopping online in Belgium, is Batrade. Based in Brussels, Batrade offers second hand clothes from Belgium and Netherlands.  

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We put together these comprehensive shopping guides so you can safely and cheaply shop online to your heart’s content.

Companies importing used clothes from Belgium

Shadi Trading

Shadi Trading is a Brussels based company that specializes in sorting and exporting second hand clothes, footwear, and antique and vintage costumes. You can contact them either through phone, or website:

+32 485 06 7351

Class Trading

Established in Brussels, Class Trading has become a majör player in the Belgian export market. You can contact them either through phone, or website:

+32 237 77 683

Nour Export SPRL

Nour Export SPRL is a wholesaler which operates in the clothing import-export industry. They offer second hand clothes, shoes and they also collect used clothes. You can contact them either through phone, or website:

+32 473 84 3662


Founded in 1986, Nouratex is a Lokeren based company that collects and sells used clothes. You can contact them either through phone, or website:

+32 935 51 642

Pebs Group BVBA

PEBS GROUP BV is active in the textile industry and more precisely in textile recycling. You can contact them either through phone, or website:

+32 894 67 560

Irceb Buggenhout

IRCEB Buggenhout is a company that specaializes in the import, export, processing and wholesale of shoes, used clothes, non-woven fabrics and cloths. You can contact them either through phone, or website:

+32 523 33 077

El Saied

El Saied Company sprl is a company which recycles used clothing and shoes. You can contact them either through phone, or website:

+32 488 86 7600

Ways to import second hand clothes from Belgium

Traveling to Belgium

If you want to closely inspect the goods yourself and meet the merchants, travelling to Belgium is the best method for you. Because it not only lets you do all these things, but it also is less risky and it lets you make connections!

Online Importing

Avoiding travel is a sensible goal for many online shoppers. Because online shopping makes the process of delivery quite easy, it’s a quite popular method of shopping. If you want to do online importing, it is important to find and get acquianted with a reliable company.

If you agree with a resident in Belgium to inspect the products for you and talks to the merchants, it might be possible for you to have a less risky deal while still avoiding travel. Because of this, meeting someone from Belgium might seem beneficial but make sure they are trustworthy.

Conditions for importing second hand clothes from Belgium

  • Owning the required licenses and papers to import goods.
  • Owning an import and export company with a spesific headquarters.
  • Paying the required customs fees.

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