Best Cheapest Jewelry Stores in the USA

Fine jewelry, often made from precious metals and adorned with gems, remains the most expensive type of jewelry. However, if you’re looking for the cheapest jewelry stores, you may find a variety of reputable brands that sell reasonably priced demi-fine jewelry, which has a sterling silver core and is plated with gold, and quality fashion jewelry, which is gold-plated over metals like brass, copper, and aluminum. Personal jewelry can be just as close to your heart as any other piece you wear. Although tiny jewelry is favored by some, bolder designs often attract the attention of fashionistas. 

Quality of construction, longevity, low maintenance and a reasonable price are all things to keep in mind while purchasing jewelry, regardless of your status. Nevertheless, there is a wide variety of jewelry available, and it can be challenging to find high-quality items at reasonable prices. You might spend hours searching online for the right piece of affordable jewelry, but we’ve done the hard work for you by compiling 8 of our top brands that are setting the standard for low-cost options. We hope you find the cheapest jewelry store and your new happy place!

cheapest jewelry stores

Top 8 Cheapest Jewelry Stores In All Of The USA

Here’s a list of our favorite 8 stores to buy the cheapest luxury jewelry. If you’re looking for the cheapest place to buy gold jewelry, keep reading.

  1. Studs

If you’re looking to adorn your ears with nothing but earrings, Studs has a broad variety to choose from. In this store, you can find the cheapest place to buy earrings and choose from a wide variety of hoop earrings, stud earrings, and Huggies with adorable charms ranging from cowboy boots to lava lamps. They are all small and pretty, making it simple to stack them on your lobes. Big, bold earrings, on the other hand, are better looked for elsewhere. Studs also offer additional piercing services at its stores if you require them to fit your new jewelry. With 14k gold plating, even a single earring can be purchased for as little as $14.

  1. Zales

Zales has been around for over 90 years, and during that time they have offered anything from basic gold rings to magnificent diamond sets. If you look up the cheapest place to buy real gold jewelry, Zales will probably pop up on every site. It fits anyone’s needs, and it won’t break the bank. Things that aren’t diamonds, but are nonetheless very high-grade.

Zales is a one-stop shop for all jewelry needs, no matter the budget. The rose gold rings, initial necklaces, and bolo bracelets are all stunning additions, but the rings are what really set this collection apart. However, the earrings are top sellers. The possibilities are endless, ranging from lustrous pearls to dazzling teardrops.

  1. Madewell

If you’re looking for classic pieces that will still look great in a few years, Madewell is the place to go. It might be the best and cheapest place to buy jewelry that looks this expensively fabulous. The layered necklaces, stack rings, chain bracelets, and hoop earrings in gold featured here are all current trends in the jewelry industry.

Madewell’s jewelry is mostly understated and designed to complement other items rather than stand out on its own. Instead, there are several soft, neutral pieces that are appropriate for a wide range of settings, from a day at the office to a wedding.

This adaptable cuff bracelet, this delicate daisy necklace, and these popular thick hoop earrings are just a few examples. Those with an individualistic sense of style will appreciate the brand’s limited but curated collection of fun, whimsical jewelry. Beaded bracelets, dangle earrings with an arch, and a necklace with a pendant of a hot dog are all examples. Watches and high-quality jewelry are also available, but be prepared to shell out a hefty sum.

  1. Anthropologie

Those who adore accessorizing with bold, multicolored jewelry will appreciate Anthropologie‘s extensive selection. Pearls, semi-precious stones, rattan, timber, glass, needlework, and even shells are just some of the materials used to create the brand’s selection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Any of these accessories can be worn with everyday clothes or incorporated into special-occasion ensembles for a more polished look.

Body jewelry is also available at Anthropologie and is worth checking out. Anklets, stomach belts, wrist chains, and even necklaces that cross the chest and back are all available. If you want something more understated, the firm also offers a wide variety of traditional pieces like stone rings, charm bracelets, golden hoops, and several monogrammed options.

  1. Gorjana

Gorjana, founded in Laguna Beach, California, “provides jewelry that you’ll dwell in, adore always, and embellish every day.” Furthermore, the company is committed to doing good in the world by doing things like matching clients’ charitable contributions and providing jewelry for fundraising events.

All of Gorjana’s jewelry is designed for those who are keen on the current gold loop necklace or golden chain trend (without preferring anything too bulky). Are you just not into the minimalist gold bracelet look? There’s something irresistible about this half-pearl look.

Let’s be honest: Gorjana is one of the more reasonably priced choices here. One can find a beautiful white topaz ring in the fine jewelry section for a little over a hundred dollars. Also, for only $120, you may purchase a pair of timeless, daily diamond stud earrings, perfect for either your first or second piercing.

  1. Mejuri

Creating a 100% environmentally responsible supply chain, providing high-quality jewelry at affordable costs, and encouraging women to “purchase the dang diamond” themselves are all key to Mejuri’s mission.

We prepared a Mejuri review summarizing our first thoughts about the brand’s earrings and rings and, after much study and extensive digs into its site, the brand is best recognized for its minimalist, gold rings that are excellent for stacking. It’s on our top list as the cheapest place to buy rings. Mejuri’s wares are of the highest quality and can endure the heat of the oven or a quick shower without losing their shape or colour.

  1. Missoma

Missoma is one of our go-to companies for demi-fine pieces of jewelry that we’d be happy to build an entire ensemble on. The business promotes self-expression via its jewelry. Missoma is known for its extensive jewelry selection. From simple necklaces and pendants to bold fashion statements, they have something for everyone. There is a wide variety of necklaces available, and if you’re a fan of layering your jewelry, you’ll appreciate the variety of chain lengths and metals available. 

  1. BaubleBar

BaubleBar provides a diverse assortment of jewelry at inexpensive costs, ranging from conventional daily pieces including chain necklaces and gold bracelets to unique fun pieces such as a Disney tennis bracelet. In fact, BaubleBar is most recognized for its extensive selection of earrings rather than any of the other jewelry it sells.

The business has numerous earring types to pick from, featuring cubic zirconia studs, glittering statement drop earrings, massive hoops, cuffs, and even a few crawlers. You may also find a large assortment of entertaining earrings depicting animals, foods, drinks, and more.

Accessories like anklets, rings, and pendants for charm bracelets are also available at BaubleBar. Earrings start at $24, bracelets at $38, and necklaces at $42; all are from a collection of quality jewelry that is surprisingly accessible. In terms of jewelry, BaubleBar is almost perfect, with the sole exception of silver pieces.

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