Online toys France .. Your fun guide 2023

Online toys France

If you have a kid’s birthday soon and feel stuck on a gift, we are heaven’s sent help for you! This article is the only guide you need to buy online toys in France.

Do you want to travel to Wonderland? We wish we could transport you there. But we can transport you to a more exciting location! Online toys France is a whole universe of experiences waiting to be discovered with you! So, should we proceed?

online toys france

Best online toys Germany stores

  1. PicWicToys

The Toys’R’Us France and PicWic merger produced PicWicToys. It’s an essential France toys online shop and gateway for purchasing toys for all ages. The PicWicToys selection is simply enormous. Whether you’re looking for baby toys, products for older kids, wooden toys, or electronic ones. You’ll find anything here.

Almost all toy brands are available, including Hasbro, Marvel, Lego, Barbie, Fisher-Price, and Ravensburger. That’s as well as a huge selection of imaginative and challenging video games. Promotions are another one of the advantages of the PicWicToys online business. They are incredibly prevalent and provide discounts of up to 50% when buying a second item from the same category.

  1. LEGO 

All children of all ages cherish LEGOs, and their online store sells LEGO kits for everyone, even adults! Lego online France is another of the best retailers. LEGO offers kits based on your kid’s favorite video game, film, or TV show. In addition to kits with themes related to interests like science, the space program, vehicles and trucks, or famous structures and landmarks. The DUPLO series, which LEGO made for tiny hands, will be appealing to younger children.

Regular LEGO users may be interested in the LEGO VIP club. It offers benefits for online and in-person purchases, including discounts, advanced access to new sets, and monthly promotions. Moreover, LEGO offers speedy options for faster delivery, and shipping is based on the cost of your entire order. They offer free standard shipping on orders over $35.

  1. Vilac

France toys online shop Vilac has been producing wooden toys in a traditional, old-world style with trendy colors and designs since 1911 deep in the Jura region of France, surrounded by mountains, lakes, and forests. 

All generations continue to find value in the distinctiveness, timeless appeal, and exclusivity of Vilac toys. Vilac provides animated, cheerful figures and reinvented versions of time-tested toys that will withstand damage to feed children’s imaginative play.


Everyone probably knows that in addition to high-tech goods, Amazon also sells toys for younger customers. Toys are sorted and categorized to make it simpler to find particular products. The categories include dolls, board games, building toys, puzzles, creative play, and much more.

You can find toys from Fisher-Price, Vtech, Mattel, Lego, Playmobil, Disney, and many other top toy manufacturers. When it comes to the games selection, Amazon has a ton to offer. They provide games for all tastes and ages, and most importantly, for incredibly affordable costs.

Additionally, you may find all of your kids’ favorite characters there, whether they are from cartoons, video games, or superheroes. You can surely discover kid-friendly toys and games at this legendary marketplace for some of the cheapest prices available online. Lastly, you can determine whether or not a specific toy will appeal to your child by reading users feedback.

  1. Maxitoys

From daycare toys for toddlers to video games for older kids. The Maxitoys online store is without a doubt a market leader in the sale of toys online. In fact, the toys France online shop at Maxitoys is known for its enormous selection! There, you may find all of your favorite toy manufacturers, including Playmobil, Chico, Mattel, Vtech, and Lego. Another benefit of purchasing toys from Maxitoys is to take advantage of great discounts and special offers for nearly every order. Sometimes these discounts are exclusive for the online shop.

  1. King Jouet (King Toy)

Kingtoy has a network of physical outlets spread throughout numerous locations, but its toys online shop France gives you access to even more options. When you purchase a toy online from Kingtoy, you get the greatest, most well-known brands as well as more current ones, particularly those that focus on educational and environmentally friendly toys. One further benefit of this website is that it is rarely out of stock; if you can’t find a toy somewhere, try looking at King Toy; it will definitely be there!

  1. Oxybul

The website Oxybul is a great place to shop for toys for kids of all ages. The Oxybul brand of toys is primarily concerned with the development of motor skills, educational play, or manual tasks. Even while some toys are also created from plastic, Oxybul emphasizes environmentally friendly materials like wood when it comes to manufacture.

The Oxybull website frequently has items that you won’t be able to get anywhere else, like puzzles, board games, learning games, DIY toys, memory games, outdoor games, and toys. The fact that Oxybull is one of the 10 best online toy stores in France to buy toys is not a coincidence.

You recently became a parent and want to give your infant a clever toy that will aid in his motor or cognitive development. The online toy shop for you is Oxybul! Since its founding, the French company has established itself as one of the top online toy retailers, offering more than 15,000 references.

  1. Cultura

If you’re looking for a game or toy that concentrates on learning and practice, this online shopping store has early learning toys for babies, educational games, creative games, and imagination games.

In reality, Cultura is a symbol and an online toy retail site that is especially well-liked by curious kids: toys to learn about astronomy and space, games to practice counting while having fun, board games about Greek mythology, etc.

As its name suggests, Cultura places a high value on providing toys that are relevant to both culture and education. Of course, you may also get scooters, outdoor activities, touch pads, and a variety of construction toys like Lego or Playmobil.

Not every city in France has a culture store. But thanks to the website, you can simply reap the benefits of all the promotions from this firm. It’s a market leader in the selling of imaginative toys that are fun and interesting.

PS: of course we should’ve added Toys R Us France online on top of this list, but unfortunately they’re not currently operating online in France.


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