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Online shopping UAE .. Your full guide 2023

looking for Online shopping UAE? Looking for electronics? groceries? Food delivery? Whatever you want to buy online in United Arab emirates, you will find a website for it in our guide.

Although the shopping malls in UAE are full of attractions such as ski slopes and aquariums, online shopping UAE is still as much fun! 

Online shopping UAE

About Online shopping UAE

Online market has been enhancing in the Middle East including the UAE, which market is expected to reach 17 billion US dollars by the year 2025.

Moreover, the country’s efforts towards variegation of the economy have been fruitful and highly contributed to the growth of the economic ecosystem and the online market through vast adoption.

Further, the high presence of users on social media platforms has been another contributor to the growth of the online market.

According to Statista.com, consumers have been moving to online shopping in different sections including food, fashion, education, and governmental services. Free returning of orders has been an extremely influential factor affecting the decision of consumers.

General UAE online shopping websites

We have prepared a list of the best one-stop online shopping websites in the UAE to save you the hassle of driving and stopping by several places to get what you need.

  1. Amazon UAE

Amazon, which was formerly known as Souq, is a great place for world wide shoppers. Shopping on Amazon is entertaining and easy and its app is user-friendly and has great offers and discounts.

You can find all the everyday necessities and lifestyle products you need such as apparel, health & care, books, and even electronics.

Amazon UAE
  1. Noon

Lately, Noon has proven itself as a heavily reliable one-stop website for necessities. It evolved to become one of the most famous online shopping websites in the UAE.

You can find anything you might need from clothes and cosmetics to electronics and home appliances.

Moreover, it offers free delivery on orders above 100 AED and a 3-5 working days with an option of express delivery that delivers your order the next day.

  1. Algiftz

Algiftz is known to be a great website in terms of efficiency, delivery, and customer support. It is also considered to be one of the most frequently visited websites in the UAE. 

Further, it provides products of superb quality including electronics, toys, accessories, and more! It also often has great offers and deals 

UAE food delivery services

Are you craving some asian food or maybe some delicious dessert late at night? The search is over. Here are two of the best solutions to your late night cravings from the comfort of your home:

  1. Zomato

If you try looking up the best food delivery service UAE, you will find Zomato popping up everywhere! This is due to it being one of the most common food apps.

Further, the ios users using Zomato exceed 70M and the android users are more than 100M worldwide. Zomato serves around 10K cities globally.

If you are lost and not keen on what restaurant to order food from, it will help you through the rating system it has for restaurants on the app.

It also developed a contactless delivery service where you can pay online and make an order without contacting the courier. 

  1. Deliveroo

One of the most commonly known food delivery apps. Deliveroo is distinct because of its wide array of restaurants alongside providing food within budget.

Deliveroo serves more than 200 cities around the world. Further, you can track the process of your order through the time from cooking to delivery.

The regular delivery fee on Deliveroo is 7 AED, but new customers get a bonus of free delivery for 14 days!

Best electronic stores in the UAE

If you need trusted websites that provide all the electronic devices you need in your daily life, we have collected some of the most praised website for you:

  1. Gadgetby

Whatever kind of electronics you might need, Gadgetby will have it. It provides all electronic gadgets and products such as laptops, PCs, smart phones, tablets, you name it!

You can receive your order within 24 hours or on the same day if you are in Dubai. Further, you can find personal care products as well.

  1. Jumbo

Jumbo is one of the best electronics stores that provides the newest electronic gadgets.

It also offers great customer care through the chat option present on the website.

Second hand online stores in the UAE

If you choose to buy second hand, I congratulate you on your choice! Great investment of your money into unique pieces and great investment in the planet’s health.

Here are some online stores to look at:

  1. Dubizzle

If you are into preloved products and looking for some good online market to provide that, Dubizzle is that place. 

You can find any second hand products you are looking for on this website, including books, electronics, clothes, furniture, home appliances and even cars. 

Additionally, you can find a wide plethora of products with thousands of sellers and good offers to choose from.


The most mentioned name when it comes to thrifted clothes is RETOLD. It offers both high-end brands and designer clothes. 

Further, you can find in their multistory store and website everything that completes your outfit including accessories, shoes, bags, and wallets.

At RETOLD, they receive hundreds of preloved items on a weekly basis that updates their inventory and enables you to check for items regularly.

The items are curated and inspected carefully, and then photographed to be presented.

Grocery online UAE websites

Does thinking about the grocery shopping you have to do tire you and give you stomach ache? I understand. Here are some of the best online grocery stores in the UAE that will deliver your tomatoes and chicken as fresh as a daisy:

  1. InstaShop

InstaShop is a user-friendly application established in 2015 by Loanna Angelidaki and John Tsioris. It works as your very own shopper as it sends a courrier to buy the grocery shopping list on your behalf.

You don’t need to be afraid of your mother or wife for the things you forgot to buy anymore. When you order from anywhere in the UAE, InstaShop will get your items delivered within an hour tops, depending on your location.

  1. Trolley.ae

Trolley.ae has seen great enhancement in the year 2020 and became one of the most favored online grocery stores for some.

They have their own inventory of all groceries you need and a really pleasant website interface that aids you through picking and choosing from them.

UAE online clothing stores

With the great offers and discounts offered on online clothes, it’s too tempting and hard to resist to shop online for clothes! 

Here are two of the most popular and loved online clothing stores:

  1. Namshi

Want to spoil your inner fashionista? Consider visiting Namshi’s website and enjoy buying a few pieces that you will not be able to resist.

Namshi is an affordable place for people who will not give away their style. It offers fashionable apparel for women, kids, and men.

You will find some great brands on Namshi such as Top Shop, New Look, DKNY, Calvin Klein, and Forever 21.

  1. Ounass

In case you are addicted to designer clothes but would really love to get them from the comfort of your couch, say hello to Ounass!

Ounass is a highly popular shopping store for luxurious brands like Prada, McQueen, and Fendi. It offers extremely fast delivery service as fast as two hours in the area of Dubai!

Best online shopping sites in UAE

It’s hard to decide on what are the best online shopping sites in UAE having many reputable websites providing great and different services to their customers.

I personally think the most praised by customers would be worthy of the title which are Amazon; for the huge variety of products and Namshi for offering a plethora of clothes that suit many people’s fashion tastes and budgets.


In brief, we understand the allurement of online shopping due to the ease of viewing products and the wide range of products to choose from, but for full satisfaction; a trusted website is always the best option.

We try to sweep the internet for you to save you the hassle of doing deep research. We hope this guide on online shopping UAE is to your benefit.


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