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Online Shopping in Sweden: A Full Guide

Online shopping Sweden

Online shopping in Sweden is the best option for purchasing Swedish products, from delicious Swedish food to electronics.

In Northern Europe, Sweden has one of the most developed countries in terms of online shopping sites, and Scandinavian consumers frequently shop online from Swedish online shopping sites.

About Online Shopping in Sweden

Sweden, ahead of Switzerland and behind Poland, is the world’s 19th largest eCommerce market in 2020, with revenues of US$13 billion.

Sweden’s biggest eCommerce company is Apotea.se. The store generated around US$401 million in sales by 2020. Netonnet.se comes in second with revenues of $366 million, followed by elgiganten.se with $335 million in revenues. The top three shops in Sweden together account for 10% of internet revenue.

Advantages of Online Shopping in Sweden

There are a lot of advantages of Online shopping Sweden that makes a lot of people buy online from Swedish stores.

  • Shopping at any time
  • Bigger and better product selections
  • Great discounts and cheaper prices

Disadvantages of Swedish online shopping

Although buying Swedish shopping websites has a lot of Advantages, there are some downsides that you may encounter while buying from Sweden online stores.

  • Some websites only ship within Sweden
  • The user interface is in language on most of the sites
  • Shipping can be delayed in some rare circumstances, during holidays season

Top 10 Sweden online shopping website


Apotea.se is a Swedish online pharmacy, the largest in its sector in Sweden.

From Apotea, you can buy any medication you want, from painkillers to multivitamins.


Cdon is one of the best online shopping sites in Sweden as it has many different electronic products.

CDON is a Swedish public limited company. It is an ever-growing company with sports, fashion, media, electronics and much more.



While it was just a shoe store until 2008, Zalando now sells a range of trendy assorted products.

In addition to clothing and shoes, Zalando offers a wide range of other products such as cosmetics and accessories.

Although Zalando specializes in selling new clothing, it also has a large second-hand clothing area where customers can score great deals on gently used items.

Before selling second-hand clothing online, Zalando thoroughly inspects each item for quality and compliance with current fashion trends.

IKEA Sweden

IKEA Sweden is one of the most important stores where you can buy the largest and highest quality types of furniture to remodel your home with smart solutions and affordable costs.

With branches in many cities, IKEA offers a wide range of products and has some of the best and smartest furniture you can find in Sweden.


Swedish online shopping sites

Mathem.se is a platform where you can order groceries and ready meals for home delivery in Stockholm, Uppsala, Västerås, Gothenburg, Skåne region, Norrköping, Halmstad and Linköping via the company’s website.

Amazon Sweden

Amazon Sweden is one of the largest shopping sites in Sweden where you can buy everything you need.

In Sweden, Amazon offers a wide range of products at low prices, as well as free delivery and a unique shopping experience.

Online Shopping Delivery in Sweden

PostNord is the most popular delivery service company among online sellers in Sweden.

Budbee Home Delivery and DHL are among the top three delivery service providers provided by online retailers in Sweden.

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