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Online shopping Saudi Arabia .. Your full guide 2022

Everything you want to know about Online shopping Saudi Arabia, Looking for electronics? groceries? Food delivery? Whatever you want to buy online in Saudi Arabia, you will find a website for it in our guide.

Welcome to online shopping Saudi Arabia, the biggest peninsula in the world! We’re going to be your guide through this journey, so put your belts on and get ready!

Online shopping Saudi Arabia

About Online shopping Saudi Arabia

It’s well known that the people of Saudi Arabia are heavy shoppers. If you are an online seller in Saudi Arabia , the following statistics might be useful to you. 

Research shows that about half of the consumers in Saudi Arabia shop online every week minimum. Moreover, around 11 percent of these consumers shop daily. 

The consumer behavior towards online shopping also seemed to be more frequent in Saudi Arabia reaching 48%, as per Statistica. 

Saudi Arabia’s online market comes between Belgium and Thailand, coming at the 25th place for the largest markets with a revenue amounting to 7 billion US dollars in the year 2020.

Additionally, the Saudi Arabian online market participated in the worldwide growth rate with a 29% for the year 2020, besides a compound annual growth rate (CAPD 20-24) by the year 2024 of 8%.

The comparison between CAPD and the year-over-year growth which is equal to 34% denotes a saturated market, and another denotation is the high penetration rate that reached 69% in 2020. 

The categories with the highest percentages of revenue are: Furniture & Appliances with a revenue of 5%, Toys, Hobby & DIY amounting to 10%, Food & Personal Care tantamounting to 21%, While Electronics & Media amounted to 31%, and lastly the biggest segment in revenue was Fashion accounting for 33%.

General Saudi online shopping websites

Hey there! Here’s your guide through the one-stop saudi arabia online shopping websites:

  1. Amazon Saudi Arabia

Amazon gained a lot of popularity since its launch in 2020. The variety of categories and products Amazon has, will always put it on top when anyone mentions the best online stores KSA online shopping websites.

It has around 34 categories varying between apparel, grocery, home appliances, books, electronics, and many others. In addition, there are extra privileges Amazon prime provides to its customers to enjoy.

Amazon Saudi Arabia
  1. Desert Cart

Reasonable prices, globally manufactured merchandise, and a great variety of products. That’s what you will find at Desert Cart!  

The categories widely range from home & kitchen appliances and electronics to health products, cosmetics, fashion, and many others! It also offers great coupons and promotion codes.

Saudi Arabia food delivery services

For my fellow lazy & hungry readers, we bring you some of the highly-ranked food services in the Kingdom:


Besides being a multimillion-dollar investment that delivers anything for you, it excels in the field of food delivery. 

What happens with MRSOOL is that it sends you a courier (that places an order on your behalf and fast-deliver it to the customer, it’s like having a personal shopping (wowzy!).

  1. Lugmety

Fine-dinings are a great experience, but wouldn’t it be great to have it from the comfort of your home? With Lugmety’s higher-end restaurants, you don’t have to ask Santa for it anymore!

Lugmety is a saudi online shopping app that has a discrete variety of cafes and restaurants besides a highly-praised user-friendly app to make your life more luxurious and comfy.

Best electronic stores in Saudi Arabia

  1. Jarir

Jarir started as a bookstore but it later emerged as a pioneer in the electronics field. It is one of the heaviest names in the industry. it ‘s one of the best Saudi online shopping sites

They provide products such as smartphones, laptops, PCs, and many other devices, in addition to having showrooms in different Arab countries such as KSA, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

Jarir Bookstore Saudi Arabia
  1. Extra

Another well-recognized KSA online store that can be considered one of the largest and one of the best online shopping in Saudi Arabia. 

It was established in 2003 and now has over 40 branches throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They also facilitate the receiving of orders in which you can choose to receive yours from one of their outlets near you. 

Moreover, you can pay online using various payment methods or in one of the outlets within 48 hours from the placement of the order.

Second hand online stores in Saudi Arabia

Unfortunately, there are a few known online markets for selling/buying used items. But as you know dear reader, we wouldn’t let that be on our way to guide you! Here are some reputable online markets that sell secondhand products:

  1. Export Portal

What’s great about Export Portal is that it’s a trusted platform and a huge online market that gathers many buyers from around the globe, which means a better opportunity to sell and buy since the demand and supply is more than on other similar platforms.

It also provides very good customer support to its customers. Additionally, it’s suitable for non-Arabic speakers.

  1. Expatriates

Another online market with many sellers and buyers to enable you to find what you are looking for. They have categories such as Jobs, Housing, Plots, Commercial property, besides the Items for sale category.

Other markets you can check: Haraj, Letgo,and Souq.

Grocery online Saudi Arabia websites

Saving you the hassle of queues and the trip to the grocery store, here’s the best online shopping in ksa grocery stores:

  1. Khodar & More

Whatever may your requirements be, you can find them in Khodar & More. Khodar & More provide all kinds of groceries starting from milk, dairy products, fresh fruits & vegetables, fresh meat, and even fish. They also offer great vegan recipes.

Grocery online Saudi Arabia websites
  1. Carrefour

Carrefour is a very large hypermarket chain that doesn’t need an introduction, but I will give you one anyway. It’s a chain that includes over 250 super & hypermarkets besides the online stores in around 15 countries in the Middle East. 

You can find everything they offer at their physical locations on their website along with exclusive offers and sales for the Saudi Arabia online shopping website.

Saudi Arabia online clothing stores

  1. Namshi

Offering a unique online retail experience to the Middle East, as Namshi states. Namshi provides all the trendy styles for those who like to add a little touch of fun to their wardrobe.

It offers new arrivals daily along with over 1300 brands along with their own.

  1. Ounass

Your favorite from-home shopping for designer clothes and accessories, offering online shopping in saudi arabia cash on delivery service. 

Ounass is a luxurious fashion platform for your upcoming fancy events including bags, jewelry, and clothes. This is your go to when you want to look and feel like a million bucks on every special occasion! 

Best online shopping sites in KSA

In my opinion (which is always right, by the way), Jarir is one of the best trustworthy online stores that you can depend on when buying electronics, since you need to ensure the merchandise is from a reputable place for the after-sale customer service and technical problems.

Over and above, I needn’t say that Amazon is a well-known online store with tons of products and a great variety. It’s simply a name you can trust.


In brief, this was your guide on online shopping Saudi Arabia, dear reader! Everything you need to know about grocery, food, clothes, electronics or used items online shopping websites will be included in this article. We hope we could be of advantage to you!