Online shopping Hong Kong: Comprehensive guide 2023

Online shopping Hong Kong

Hong kong, the place where western and eastern cultures exist side-by-side. As it is known for winning the title of “the best business city in the world”, Hong kong is a great place for online business too.

I know you’ve been waiting for my generous guidance, so now, let me take you through the journey of online shopping Hong Kong.

Online shopping Hong Kong

About Online shopping Hong Kong

As stated by statista, in the year prior to 2021 the eCommerce market was expected to amount to 8.658 billion dollars in 2021 and the annual growth rate is thought to reach 10.44% which as a 

result would be equivalent to a market volume of 12.879 billion dollars by 2025.

Additionally, the number of users in the eCommerce market is increasing rapidly and is foreseen to reach 6.5 million by 2025 with a penetration of 73.1% in 2021 and an expectation of reaching 83.8% by 2025.  

The biggest market division is considered to be Fashion with a 2.450 billion dollars as a market value in 2021. Online shopping Hong Kong market is expanding, giving great opportunities for retailers and sellers for penetration.

Best Hong Kong online shopping sites 

The Hong Kong online shopping platform is vast and full of websites of all kinds of products. Therefore, If you need to buy from Hong Kong online, here are the best online shopping sites in Hong Kong: 

General Hong kong online shopping websites

  1. Amazon

Surprise surprise! Amazon is mainly mentioned in most of the known countries online shopping websites as a multicategory online store.

On Amazon you can find anything you need to purchase and from anywhere around the world in addition to a very unique option the website gives you, which is regular discounts on your favorite brands.

    Dear reader, I came with a bigger surprise. is a website for all the items under the sun! I know you are thinking of airpods, Tv screens or maybe video games, but it’s bigger than that.

You can find anything as simple as pets’ products, fashion or sports related products, and up to apartments for rent and sale and cars as well!

The prices are said to be excellent (I haven’t personally purchased an item from here, but I’ll let you know for sure if my salary is ever enough for a tour to Hong Kong.).

Last but not least, it took the third place of the leaders of the eCommerce and Hong Kong shopping sites.

    The number one Hong Kong online shop for being the most visited in the year 2021 is Taobao. Good news for us is that it has overseas shipping (YAY!).

    I can keep listing the products Taobao offers for its customers (but it would take forever and I have to cook lunch for my family or they will eat me instead, and then you wouldn’t have anyone to write interesting articles for you).

More sites that have multicategories on their websites along with great discounts: Carousell,, and ParkNshop.

Hong Kong food delivery services

A survey was conducted by Rakuten Insight on the used delivery apps and Hong Kong’s respondents’ most used app was Food Panda with 67%, while 40% of the respondents stated that they use Deliveroo and 20% of them use Ubereats.

FoodPanda is liked for it’s good customer service and wide collection of restaurants it has on its app and website.

In addition, both FoodPanda and Deliveroo have positive feedback on their apps for being user-friendly and as easy as possible to use.

Further, Deliveroo established a wallet-friendly eats menu for people who like to stay home and pay little for good food, like me.

There’s also Ubereats, for pick-up and delivery options besides it’s easy-to-use application and local restaurants that everybody likes.

More restaurants with good delivery services to check out: Blacksheep Go, JIA everywhere, Eatology, and Le Comptoir.

chanel online store hk

Electronics online shopping stores in Hong Kong

For Hong Kong online shopping electronics, you need to luck for trusted retailers and sellers with positive feedback such as:

  • FORTRESS: Great variety of products and competitive prices
  • Sony Hong Kong online store: a well-recognized brand name, vouchers and discounts for bigger savings, and a vast range of products.
  • Lenovo: Good online customer service, free delivery, and all the latest products are offered online.
  • Expansys: Durable materials, affordable prices and offers a variety of excellent brands.

Second hand online stores in Hong Kong

Thrifting has been a great solution as a sustainable fashion option and an alternative to fast fashion.

Fast fashion is a complete disaster in terms of sustainability, and sustainability does not only include the environment but it also includes the social and economical aspects.

Unfortunately, fast fashion has proven to fail in all three. I know I always add to your dictionary with my great knowledge, thank you.

Therefore, if you are a fan of preloved vintage items, here are some Hong Kong online shops just for us:

  1. HULA

Features luxurious brands such as Bleciaga, Hermes, Valentino, and Chanel. Now you do not need to keep checking for chanel online store hk for discounts anymore! It also donates 5% to charities as a will to positively impact the society.

  1. Luxford
    As we were previously discussing the impacts fashion has on the environment, Luxford’s goal is to elongate the life of pre owned luxurious fashion items to lessen the negative environmental effects of fashion.

    It provides products for both men and women in addition to items in excellent condition with a few times of usage and prices far less than the retailer’s.
    For the little angels preloved items. RETYKLE was founded by a mother that discovered she had a lot of unused kids clothes and that made her establish this great platform with hundreds of baby and childrenswear luxurious brands with way better prices.
  3. Vestiaire collective
    Again, Thankfully, Vestiaire is a secondhand shop with global shipping. It has proven itself among the sustainable fashion industry and made a name for itself. 

Furthermore, Vestiaire carefully chooses and authenticates all of its items to ensure its customers receive original and in-good-condition products.

Hong Kong market shopping websites

For grocery and home appliances, here are some stores with good reviews:

  • Wellcome: 24-48 hours delivery, free delivery under certain conditions, and very friendly customer service.
  • Watsons: Great variety of products, Affordable prices, and user-friendly website.
  • City’super: Free delivery under certain conditions and orders will be delivered on the same day or the day after.
  • Great Food Hall: Free delivery on orders exceeding $500 HK, offers fast delivery, and a low delivery fee for orders under $500 HK
  • Marketplace by Jasons: Same delivery conditions as Great Food Hall and offers an express delivery service for additional fees.

Hong Kong clothing online stores

For fashion addicts like me, here’s some top stores you can shop from in Hong Kong:

  1. Zalora

With Zalora you don’t have to roam the streets and the stores for a complete outfit for you anymore. Zalora provides everything you need in only one place including top brands such as River Island, Mango and Topshop. It also caters for men and children besides women and offers handy prices for all.

  1. A Boy Named Sue

A start-up influenced by the founders’ view on the darkside of the fashion industry. For an eco-friendly fashion experience, A Boy Named Sue collaborates with environmentally-conscious brands and designers with the same ethical morals as its’.  Here is where you can find clean yet fashionable clothes.

  1. Shopbop

    If you are into trendy and fashion magazines clothes, Shopbop is for you! It contains a great variety of brands and designer apparel along with free delivery for orders above 100 US dollars.
  2. Revolve

    Offering an extensive assemblage of designers and denim shapes and shades for men, women and Children. In addition, it also provides all the sought, well-curated brands such as Karen Walker and Wildfox.

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