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Media Markt Germany .. A Complete Guide

Media Markt Germany

Media Markt Germany is one of the largest retailers of electronics, mobile phones and home appliances in Germany, offering its customers the latest technological products at competitive prices.

All kinds of high-quality electronic products are waiting for you at Media Markt in Germany.

Media Markt Germany

About Media Markt Germany

Media Markt customers have the option of shopping both in traditional brick-and-mortar stores and the online website. They can benefit from the advantages offered by both. Known for its Media Markt Loyalty Club, Media Markt sells all its products only under its own brand and is considered a leader in the industry.

Media Markt stores always have a variety of new technologies such as mobile phones, laptops, XXL TVs, virtual reality devices, voice control and other technological devices.

In the stores you can explore, find and examine everything in detail.

If you wish, you can pick up the product you purchased from the Media Markt Germany store or have it sent to your home.

media markt germany online shopping

How to Shop Online from Media Markt Germany?

As we mentioned, Media Markt Germany has an e-commerce site www.mediamarkt.de , where you can access its products with just one click. You can search for the product you want to buy or browse the Media Markt catalog in Germany.

After choosing which product you want to buy, register on the site using your e-mail address. You can then proceed and complete your purchase.

After completing the payment process by entering the delivery address in the relevant field, your products will reach you as soon as possible.

Selling at Media Markt Germany

It’s easy to add your products, inventory, and prices to the Media Markt marketplace.

You can connect to mediamarkt.de via an API interface and easily use various features, including office management, with a CSV file or an Excel template.

The user interface of the API is easy to use. It allows you to perform a variety of tasks, such as tracking orders, tracking packages, and communicating with customers.

As a result, working more closely with data service providers and connecting with retail software allows for a wider variety of potential connections.

There are no extra fees for processing payments or returning items.

What are the Requirements for Selling on mediamarkt.de?

As a seller, you typically need to meet the following requirements:

  • Registered office within the EU
  • A business and tax registration within the EU
  • A bank account within the EU
  • Operating your own logistics network or using a service provider’s network to deliver directly to end customers
  • A warehouse within the EU where you can ship products and accept returns
  • A German-speaking customer service with very good availability to end customers
  • An EAN for all your products
  • Necessary actions regarding product descriptions

After completing all these, simply click here and fill out the form to start selling with Media Markt Germany.

Media Markt CLUB Germany

To benefit from discounts, you must join Media Markt CLUB. Here you can easily access the opportunities prepared for you.

When you join Media Market CLUB, you get the chance to win a welcome coupon and a birthday discount coupon.

To become a Media Markt CLUB member, you can use the Media Market application or visit a store to get a membership card.

There are many benefits you can get thanks to Media Markt CLUB, such as:

  • 0% Financing for 20 Months
  • Welcome coupon
  • Birthday discount coupon
  • Special offers

Services Provided by Media Markt Germany

Media Markt offers many services for its customers, such as:

  • Connecting and setting up TVs
  • Major appliance installation
  • Networks, Router and phone setup
  • Service guidance for first-time hardware installation
  • Anti-virus protection service
  • Personal data backup and transfer service
  • Screen protection service against impacts and scratches

Contacting Media Markt Germany

You can contact Media Markt customer service in Germany at the following number:


Or you can contact us here by filling out the form.

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