Internet provider Switzerland…Your Full Guide 2023

Are you looking for the best internet provider in Switzerland? Or do you just want to know which is the perfect internet plan for your home?

In this internet provider Switzerland you can compare internet providers Switzerland’s average price and learn a piece of comprehensive information about the internet plans you may like

Internet provider Switzerland

About Internet Provider Switzerland

The Internet has been a basic need for people who live in this era where everything and everyone are connected to ease most mechanisms in life, especially in Switzerland. Switzerland is a developed country and everything related to technology has developed so well that most of the citizens are well aware of the internet connection. In Switzerland, several internet provider companies maintain the internet connection to remain stable and accessible for everyone.

Knowing which internet provider has better performance moreover knowing what internet package deals are suitable for you are very crucial thing. If you don’t know which internet deals are suitable for you, you can end up spending more budget on them and the internet performance may not very good.

Lucky for you, in this article, we’ll give you the list of several internet provider companies that has the best performance and a competitive price.

1. Alao

Alao claims that they have around 1561 plans for mobile internet and around 484 plans for home internet and TV, such a very wide range of internet service! No wonder that this internet company can be concluded as the best internet provider Switzerland has.

But how about the quality? Can you rely on Alao to be your internet provider? Well, based on what we researched, yes.

Alao has many awards for providing high-quality internet based on the plans to its customers and doesn’t be surprised that they have a 4.7-star rating on Google! Amazing!

But if they have so many internet service types will it be difficult to find the perfect one for you? The answer is not.

From the official website, you can choose your internet service and from there you can then configure more precisely how the plans will be, and based on the configuration, you’ll get the full price for the internet plan you have chosen. From the website, you can also call an expert to guide you in choosing the right internet plans.

Oh about the price? For getting a 10 Gbps internet speed, the price starts from CHF 39.95 per month!

What a very affordable price!

Twifi Switzerland

Another internet provider company that’s best for you to try is Twifi. There’s something different with Twifi where they don’t put any minimum contract period for the customers if they want to buy Twifi Home Internet Box with high-speed internet via the 4g+ and 5g network. This internet box service is flexible and also very affordable for you.
On the website, you’ll also find many interesting internet services that have very competitive prices. Twifi home internet box, Twifi Portable Hotspot, and Twifi Data sim are among the products, and the price starts from CHF 29.00, for all of them!
Twifi also provides a TV subscription that has over 250 channels and you can get it for free for the first month!

2. Swisscom

This internet company is said by the Swiss as the most reliable internet provider because it provides high-speed and high-quality internet service in most regions in Switzerland. If you want to be a customer of Swisscom, it is very easy. You can take a visit directly to any Swisscom outlet in your location or you can visit the official website of Swisscom.

On the official website, you can find many internet services that are offered for you based on the types you prefer such as mobile internet, home internet, TV cable, etc. And on these menus, you can find more sub-menus such as package deals.

Well then, how about the price? Is it really expensive?

In Swisscom, by paying CHF 39.90  for the first 6 months you’ll get 10 Gbps fiber internet, and then you’ll have to pay CHF 79.90. Isn’t that wonderful? With this price, you can get high-quality internet service with a maximum speed of 10 Gbps!

3. Yallo

Next, we have Yallo as the other internet company that provides great service for the customers. From this internet provider company, finding yourself a 1 Gbps internet speed is not a difficult thing. They offer you the 1 Gbps internet speed casually at an affordable price. For example, by paying CHF 49, you can get 1 Gbps home internet included with Yallo TV cable access.

On Yallo, there are so many discounts that will satisfy you especially if you are a loyal customer of this internet provider company.

And if you’re looking for Mobile internet, Yallo also offers many very interesting plans. One example is you can pay CHF 44 to get an unlimited call, internet, SMS & MMS, and unlimited roaming in several countries such as the USA, Canada, and Europe countries. Very interesting plan.

4. Sunrise

This internet provider company has a very interesting advantage based on what we researched. By paying only CHF 29.50 per month you will get a 10 Gbps symmetrical internet connection (which means that both download and upload speeds are equal). Plus, the activation of this internet plan is free which means this is a very friendly internet deal you can try.

Sunrise also offers many types of internet services that will match your budget range. You can find mobile internet, home internet, and home TV cable, home phone dial, etc. These other plans also offer very competitive prices for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your phone now and contact Sunrise to claim your internet plan!

5. UPC

UPC is one of the internet provider companies in Switzerland that has good quality and services for the customers. They also offer a good price for every internet service product they have. As an example, you can pay CHF 39.90 for the first 24 months and get a 1 Gbps internet speed to be ready in your home!

6. Wingo

Last but not least on the list we have is Wingo. This internet company will provide you the fast internet for the home parallel with the high quality of internet. Here, by paying 79 CHF per month you can get a 10 Gbps home internet and included with the 15 months of Wingo TV access.

On the mobile internet plans, Wingo also provides many roaming internet package deals for you who love to go to several countries in the Europe continent.

Wingo has a very good price with a very good internet plan. If you’re interested to be their customer, you can visit the official website of Wingo to learn further information by clicking here.

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