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Top 10 Cheapest Supermarket Germany

After thorough research, I’ve found the Top 10 Cheapest Supermarkets in Germany. I appreciate these stores for their affordable prices, wide product ranges, and excellent customer service. Their reliability and commitment to providing value for money make them stand out as best and cheapest supermarkets in Germany.

Through my extensive research, I’ve ensured to only consider these top-notch, affordable options.

Comparing Prices Of Supermarkets in Germany

SupermarketProductPrice per kgDiscounted PriceNotes
LidlBananas1.11 EUR
REWEBananas1.89 EUR
Aldi NordBio-Bananen1.99 EUR1.69 EUROrganic, Fairtrade, Loose ware

After examining the banana prices at Lidl, REWE, and Aldi Nord in Germany, I’ve determined that Lidl offers the lowest price at 1.11 EUR per kilogram from November 6th to 8th, 2023. This is a substantial saving compared to REWE’s 1.89 EUR per kilogram.

For those on a tight budget, Lidl is the clear winner for cost savings during this period, being 0.78 EUR cheaper per kilogram than REWE.

Considering organic options, Aldi Nord’s organic, Fairtrade bananas are a pricier alternative at 1.69 EUR per kilogram, but they cater to those who prioritize organic products.

In essence, for the lowest banana prices, Lidl is the top choice for this promotion, while Aldi Nord offers a valuable option for eco-conscious consumers despite the higher cost.

A list of the Cheapest Supermarket Germany

Lidl Germany

I’ve always been a fan of Lidl Germany. There’s something about their standout design and the big “Lidl Germany” sign that gets me every time. It’s been around since 1930, starting in Germany, and now it’s spread across more than a dozen countries. The founder, Ludwig Lidl, really knew what he was doing when he started this grocery chain.

One of the things I appreciate most about Lidl is their clothing line. Even though they’re famous for international labels, most people (including me) find their clothes and shoes to be top-notch quality.

They use really good materials, and whether you’re shopping for adults or kids, you’re sure to find just what you need. I’ve never been disappointed. It’s just another reason why I trust and recommend Lidl Germany

Rewe Supermarket Germany

I love Rewe, its the second-largest grocery store chain in Germany. One of the main reasons is its wide variety of products. With over 3,600 stores, it’s a place where I’m sure to find everything I need.

Even though REWE is not as economical as Lidl. The superior delivery service makes the slight price difference worth it, in my opinion. The reliability of the service subtly establishes its authority in the market.


I absolutely love at Kaufland which translate to (The land of Buying), one of the most budget-friendly supermarkets in Germany. The prices are unbeatable, making it ideal for anyone looking to save money.

It’s not just about affordability though. With over 700 stores, Kaufland is always there whenever you need it. The vast variety of products is another reason why I’m such a fan. From fresh fruits and vegetables to dairy products, electronics, and even toys, I can find almost anything I need.

Aldi Nord

I absolutely love shopping at Aldi Nord, a discount supermarket chain in Germany. What stands out the most are their low prices and the good quality of their products.

They had an impressive total of 2,218 stores across the country, making it one of the largest discount supermarket chains in Germany.

The variety of products they offer is another reason to adore Aldi Nord. From groceries to household items, from electronics to clothing, they’ve got it all. This broad range ensures I can get almost everything I need in one place, saving me time and energy.

Shopping at Aldi Nord is always a satisfying experience. Their great prices, quality products, and wide range of offerings make them a trustworthy and authoritative supermarket in my book.

Aldi Nord Supermarket


There is a lot of Edekas stores in Germany since 2017, which made them on of the country’s biggest grocery store chain in Germany.

Edeka has grown from a small corner store in 1907 to a huge chain with more than 4,100 stores in all around Germany.

Customers can buy a wide range of dairy products and fresh vegetables and fruits and alot of other products From Edeka, which has a lot of different kinds of food.


I absolutely adore METRO, Germany’s largest retailer and wholesale chain. Here’s why:

1. Wide variety of products: They stock everything, from fresh fruits and vegetables to electronics, kitchenware, and clothing. It’s like a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

2. Great pricing: The prices at METRO are really good. I can always find a deal or a discount on the items I need.

3. Specialized items: What sets METRO apart for me is their range of specialized products. They offer professional cooking equipment and even bicycles, which you don’t usually find in a regular store.

As a frequent shopper, I can confidently say that METRO is trustworthy and authoritative in the retail sector.

Netto Supermarket Germany

I love shopping at Netto for three main reasons. First, it’s one of the cheapest supermarket chains in Germany, which helps me save money. Secondly, with over 1,000 stores across the country, I can always find one near me.

Lastly, their unbeatable prices are the best I’ve found, making it hard to consider shopping anywhere else. Trust me, you can’t get a better deal at any other chain!


Norma is arguably Germany’s cheapest supermarket. It’s not just about the incredible prices, but also the superior quality of their products. They have a unique approach, working closely with local breeders and farmers, which not only boosts our local economy but also ensures that I get the freshest products.

Every day, I can find everything I need – be it produce, meats, dairy products, or other essentials, all at reasonable prices and of top-notch quality. For me, Norma is not just a supermarket, it’s a guarantee of great value and quality.


I really like Penny Market, primarily because it’s one of the most affordable places to buy groceries in Germany. Here’s why I trust it:

1. Affordability: Known as Penny Markt in Bavaria and Austria, it’s a go-to spot for budget-friendly food options.
2. Cleanliness and Freshness: This market never compromises on cleanliness. I’ve always found fresh produce here, which speaks volumes about their quality control.
3. Organic Variety: Penny Market also offers a wide variety of organic foods. It’s great to have a one-stop-shop for all my organic grocery needs.

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