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Amazon UK is one of the most popular shopping sites in Britain, as it provides many international and local products.

Amazon Britain started in 1998 as a store to buy and sell books and scholarly encyclopedias, and in 2003 it launched a free shipping service in the UK for orders over £ 39.

Application from Amazon UK

About the Amazon UK site

Amazon UK is one of the most popular shopping sites in the world and the United Kingdom was launched 23 years ago and gives you access to any product that can only be bought from international stores.

Amazon has a lot of products, including electronics, clothes, shoes, accessories, pet supplies, and other various products.

In the year 2020, Amazon revenue in the United Kingdom reached $ 26.5 billion (19.5 billion pounds sterling), an increase of 51% over 2019.

More than 40,000 employees work for Amazon in the United Kingdom.

Application from Amazon UK

You can buy from Amazon UK by clicking here and following the following steps:

  1. Register on Amazon and enter your address if it is in or outside the UK.
  2. Then search for the name of any product you want in English.
  3. Prices are shown in GBP.
  4. After purchasing and completing the payment, the product will be shipped to you within 3 days to 5 business days
  5. And if you are not able to receive the product you ordered, the company stores your product for 30 days in its warehouse until you receive your order.
  6. For purchases from Amazon websites outside the UK, Amazon may generally add a small estimate for customs and taxes that can be paid for the shipment, if customs are less than the deducted amount, they will be returned to you.
Amazon UK in Arabic

Open store in Amazon UK

  1. Log on to the Amazon merchant website.
  2. Start by registering on the site as a seller.
  3. Determine the list of products that you will sell.
  4. Set the price of the products you will sell on the site, and calculate the selling costs on Amazon.
  5. Create a plan for shipping and storage of your products and the number of days to prepare the product for the buyer.
  6. Register your bank information to transfer money to you through Amazon.

To complete the registration, please make sure you have the following on hand:

  • A commercial email address or an Amazon customer account.
  • Credit card.
  • A valid passport or identity card.
  • Company registration details, including VAT number

Advantages of selling on Amazon UK

  1. The site allows you to sell not only in the United Kingdom, but in all European countries and around the world
  2. Amazon provides you the flexibility to sell one type of item or sell to thousands, through individual or professional plans in a row. Select the plan that best suits your business.
  3. The Single Plan costs 75p per sale while sellers using the Professional plan pay £ 25 per month, regardless of how many items they sell. If you sell more than 35 items per month, the Professional plan makes more sense.
  4. Note that in both cases, additional selling fees apply to the prices of the products you sell on the site.

The fees for selling on the site range from 5% to 45% depending on the product that you sell.

To find out the value-added tax for each country, click  here.

To find out the value of the selling fees on the Amazon website, by clicking  here.

To open a merchant account on the Amazon UK website, by clicking  here.

You can enter directly on the Amazon UK website for merchants by clicking  here , and then do the sales and marketing of your products directly from the phone or computer.

You can also download the Amazon UK application for merchants by clicking  here  for the Android system and here  for the İOS system.

Amazon Prime subscription

Amazon Prime UK

If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you will receive many delivery services, videos, photos, music, Kindle books, and much more.

You can get Amazon Prime membership for free for thirty days.

The cost of subscribing to the Amazon Prime service is 7.99 pounds a month and 79 pounds a year, and if you are a student, you will get 50% off your Amazon Prime subscription.

To subscribe to the Amazon Prime service by clicking here


If you are a subscriber to the Amazon Prime service, you will get the fast shipping service in the United Kingdom, and an order will be shipped on the same day of order completion.

You can also specify the date and time that you want to receive your order without paying any additional fees.

There is also a feature to specify a day of the week for delivery of all products that you have purchased from the site.

Amazon Prime customers feature Amazon Fresh, offering fresh, same-day delivery within an hour and two with a minimum order of £ 15 at no additional cost.

You can choose from thousands of products from fresh produce, meat, seafood, dairy, frozen items, household items, local products and more with Amazon Fresh.

There are also Amazon Fresh stores in the United Kingdom that you can visit and buy whatever grocery you need.

For more information and details about the shipping service for Amazon Prime members, click here

Movies and series

Amazon produces a lot of movies and interesting series, and the Amazon platform is one of the most watched platforms in Europe and America.

The Prime Movies and Series service is only available to subscribers of the Amazon Prime service.

You can directly access the Amazon Prime website by clicking  here , and then subscribe directly from the phone or computer.

You can also download the Amazon Prime application, click here for the Android system and here  for the İOS system.


Prime Music allows Amazon Prime customers to download, store, manage and listen to music anywhere, anytime.

Amazon Music Unlimited offers a large selection of songs and thousands of playlists, available to all customers. Amazon Prime members can get a discounted monthly plan.

When you register for Amazon Music, you will get 3 months free

The cost to subscribe to Amazon Music is £ 7.99.

You can directly enter the Amazon Music website by clicking  here, and then do together directly from the phone or computer.

You can also download the Amazon Music application, click here  for the Android system and here  for the İOS system.

Video games

For video game enthusiasts, you will get a lot of benefits with an Amazon Prime subscription.

  1. Free games, you can keep it forever.
  2. Lots of free weapons, characters, skins, boosters, upgrades, and other features that any player would need.

International shipping from Amazon UK

International shipping rates from Amazon UK vary depending on the country of destination for your order. Free international delivery applies only to eligible orders to the Republic of Ireland of £ 25 (including local value-added tax) or more.

Your parcels may be subject to customs duties and import fees of the country to which your order is shipped. These fees are always the responsibility of the recipient.

For products shipped internationally, please note that any manufacturer warranty may not be valid.

Recipient of international shipment may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once the shipment arrives in your country. Recipient must bear additional fees for customs clearance, Customs policies vary widely from country to country; You should contact your local customs office to get more information.

In general, Amazon deducts an estimated amount of money to cover customs expenses and taxes, if the expenses are more than expected, you will not incur any additional expenses, but if the expenses are less than the deducted amount, the remaining amount will be returned to your account.

Contact Amazon UK

You can contact Amazon UK via this link here or by calling this number

020 7084 7911

What are the advantages of selling on Amazon UK?

Amazon UK is characterized by offering many different products to buy at competitive prices